Living it Up

Physical Activity Programme


Living it Up represents the Scottish element of the Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (DALLAS) progamme.

The Challenge

Living it Up is a three year programme working with a large consortium of designers, third sector organisations and industry partners along with five local health and social partnerships across Scotland aimed at empowering people to improve their health and well-being. It is committed to demonstrate the quantifiable impact of innovative digital health services in Scotland of 55,000 users by May 2015.

As part of the Living it Up (LiU) self management hub, LiU wanted to offer a digital service which would motivate and support participants on the exercise referral scheme to be more physically active and to monitor their activity levels.

Storm Health was appointed in June 2014 to design and develop an innovative digital platform, integrated with a wearable activity tracker, to record and monitor the physical activity of individuals who are seeking to improve their health as a result of consultations with health practitioners.

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Storm Health has developed an innovative digital service which empowers users and provides an engaging user experience therefore supporting self-management and encouraging users to increase their levels of physical activity.

Ann Allison, Telehealthcare Lead, ReACH Forth Valley

The Solution

Storm Health, Living it Up and Active Forth undertook an iterative process to develop the Get Active system, taking into consideration all of the desired technical functionality and requirements that a participant might need and want to use.

The Get Active programme is running within Forth Valley and is aimed at people who are involved in the exercise referral scheme. Participants are supported by Active Forth Fitness Consultants. Key components include:

  • A portal for logging, monitoring and reporting physical activity online
  • A wearable digital activity tracker which would automatically record activity data
  • An iOS app for activity coordinators to automate the transfer of activity data from the tracker to the web site

Get Active

Each participant is provided with an Activity Tracker and have access to the online platform. Regular meetings with Fitness Consultants are organised in order to sync participants' data and to review their targets for continued improvement. If participants have online access, they can view their activity on their ‘Get Active’ account and add in any additional activities which they have been doing.

An Activity Tracker provides feedback in real time with information on your levels of activity and the progress you are making against your targets.

The Activity Tracker records:

  • Daily activity
  • Calories
  • Distance travelled
  • Progress against target
  • Sleep

In addition, the service integrates with the Living it Up self management platform. LiU users are registered on the 'Get Active' system. This means users login using Living it Up 'Get Active' credentials and can be directed to further information on the Living it Up self management hub that will contribute to a healthier, happier life.

Following completion of the pilot, evaluation will take place to understand its impact.

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