Get Active

Each participant is provided with an Activity Tracker and have access to the online platform. Regular meetings with Fitness Consultants are organised in order to sync participants' data and to review their targets for continued improvement. If participants have online access, they can view their activity on their ‘Get Active’ account and add in any additional activities which they have been doing.

An Activity Tracker provides feedback in real time with information on your levels of activity and the progress you are making against your targets.

The Activity Tracker records:

In addition, the service integrates with the Living it Up self management platform. LiU users are registered on the 'Get Active' system. This means users login using Living it Up 'Get Active' credentials and can be directed to further information on the Living it Up self management hub that will contribute to a healthier, happier life.

Following completion of the pilot, evaluation will take place to understand its impact.

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