The Results

Storm Health also developed a dynamic activity conversion tool which allows participants to view the number of miles they may have jogged or meters they swam into an equivalent number of steps, allowing particpants to record and allocate their choice of fitness activity towards the overall challenge.

The marketing site was launched on the 31st of March in order to promote the challenge and inform and educate potential participants. This launch date allowed plenty of time for participants to enrol, register their teams and receive their pedometers, in time for the challenge to commence on the 28th of April.

The Challenge site was launched on April 22nd - on which participants could track their success against competing teams. So far since Step Counts’ digital revolution - there has been a 40% uptake on participants compared to last year and the amount of steps taken by users has doubled - reaching 884 million steps, that’s nearly 500,000 miles or the distance to the moon and back!

Carl Greenwood from Paths for All commented that "the Step Count Challenge platform is an effective behavioural change tool that has helped thousands of participants increase their levels of physical activity".

Storm Health are now supporting Paths for All to develop the platform into a Multiple Challenge Platform to enable participants to take part in a variety of different challenges throughout the year.