The Solution

Stage 1 - A pilot was run in January 2014, during which specifically selected participants were asked to take part. Following this a focus group was held to gather their feedback to inform the development of the live challenge platform that was set to run in April 2014.

Stage 2 - A marketing WordPress website was built, the purpose of which was to promote the challenge to potential participants through simple content, allowing a clear route to sign up and more importantly make payments online. Payments previously had to be taken over the phone or via email. Storm Health ensured payment integration on the new website with Stripe, a payment infrastructure which enables users to make payments online and in mobile apps.

Stage 3 - Once the marketing site had been agreed and finalised, Storm began redeveloping the Challenge website based on the Pilot run feedback - through which participants could log in, create a profile and record their activity on a daily and weekly basis.

Key technical requirements were around the gamification of activity results by displaying their activity in a leader board. Numbers are turned into graphs using a High Charts plugin and a bespoke calendar views, making it easier for participants to see and realise their efforts and achievements.

project image