Get Active

The digital physical activity service will comprise a Paths for All and Macmillan customised Physical Activity platform for logging, monitoring and reporting physical activity as part of an ongoing programme.

In addition, a wearable digital activity tracker which will automatically record activity data and an app to automate the transfer of activity data from the tracker to the website will be provided to each user.

Users will be able to monitor their levels of physical activity, set step count targets and receive support from a Macmillan Coordinator. Recording levels of physical activity will help a use ensure they don't do too much physical activity, as well as supporting them to do enough activity.

The plan is for GetActive to be implemented in two areas in Scotland targeting 200 users initially. Emma Berry, Senior Development Officer at Paths for All has said that the project "will aim to expand the reach and impact of the national Macmillan Move More Scotland programme, increasing physical activity levels and improving the quality of life for those affected by cancer through the use of digital technology".